Speedy Install | Installing a stormwater management system doesn’t have to be complicated. With proper site preparation and the right equipment, contractors can install a single module in 3 – 5 minutes – that’s roughly 100 modules or 6,400 square feet in a single 8 hour work day. Most systems can be installed with a team of 3 laborers, 1 crane or excavator, and 1 retain-it SMS install technician. The simplicity and speed of a retain-it SMS system install will allow you to focus your time and resources on other high priority project tasks.

Installation Guide
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Storage Volumes & Weights by Module Height
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Typical retain-it SMS Detention System

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Typical retain-it SMS Infiltration System

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Smaller Footprints | retain-it’s cube shaped modules maximize stormwater storage volume per system footprint. Second, the load carrying capacity of precast concrete doesn’t rely on the strength and quality of the surrounding backfill materials -or- a structural stone zone for support, further reducing system footprint. And third, if the project engineer opts to incorporate traditionally external functions (pretreatment, outlet control, etc.) within the retain-it system design, footprints are reduced yet again – and as a bonus you may even be able to eliminate 1 or 2 external structures from your project.

If you are tasked with installing a retain-it SMS for an upcoming project, here is a checklist of actionable items to ensure a smooth install process…

  • Ensure you have a “production” copy of the system schematic. If you haven’t yet received a copy of this schematic, please contact Allen Burkhart at: to request one.
  • Contact the partner precaster that is producing your units to arrange delivery of your system. Identify the sequence (using the numbered production drawing referenced above) of the module install, to ensure that they arrive onsite in the proper order.
  • Contact the partner precaster that is producing your units to arrange prior delivery of Mirafi fabric (infiltration) or Mirafi fabric and PVC liner (detention/retention). Leave yourself enough time prior to the install date to prepare your system base and install your layers of fabric/liner.
  • Prepare your base. If you are installing the system on a stone base, a level, compacted base with straight guide lines along the perimeter will significantly speed the install process.
  • Ensure that you have scheduled a crane to be onsite for the install date. If you are planning on using an excavator to install your system, please double check that your equipment is capable of lifting your retain-it modules with appropriate reach to place each module within your system. Weights of individual retain-it modules can be found here.
  • Ensure that you have a 4 hook “tagged” chain or cable available for the install date. If you are planning on using an excavator to install your system, we recommend use of an 11 Ton Swivel attached to a D ring to ease module positioning.